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Former CPG founders with over 10 years of experience and multiple 7-figure brands.  We know what it takes to be successful and can help you get there.


We are your one-stop-shop to traverse the convoluted yet lucrative affiliate marketing channel. We partner with a diverse group of traffic sources including mom bloggers and shopping sites, demographic specific email lists, influencers (Instagram, Twitch, Discord etc.), health/food/fitness blogs, apps, games and more to help grow your business.

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Let us help you grow your brand digitally by finding new customers in these alternative traffic channels in today's ever-changing digital world.


Hear What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say


Krik has been able to bring our CAC [Customer Acquisition Cost] down while also adapting to our unit economic needs.

It’s a win-win partnership for sure.

Jack Klauber, CEO

Everyday Dose


CAP has been the ideal partner. Krik delivers on his promises and manages the channel without requiring any management time.

The reporting is great, and it's clear that the partnership is working!

William Hicks, CEO

Magic Mind

CPG Affiliate Partners is best-in-class and they prove it each month through performance. We've worked with plenty of groups over the years and they are easily one of our most trusted partners. Looking forward to seeing what they do next!

Jack McNamara, CEO



Working with Krik has been fantastic! He has built our free trial offer to 5 figures of revenue quickly & with high quality traffic. Krik also consistently displays a wealth of knowledge in the affiliate space. The strategy is low barrier to entry and I can confidently recommend it for brands of any size to drive traffic & conversions.

John Hagan, Director of Marketing



We launched our affiliate program with Krik and we couldn't be happier. He was quick to get started, excellent about communication, and the results have been fantastic. We look forward to more growth.

George Miller, CEO


CAP has been a huge asset in our marketing strategy. They run a tight ship and we are able to be hands off the entire process while trusting our brand is getting the results it needs.

This partnership was a no-brainer!

Ashvin Melwani - CMO

Coffee Over Cardio


Accountable, performance driven, and with amazing results.

The biggest thing I can say about Krik’s agency, is that it’s an agency that I can trust, which I didn’t think could exist.

Adam Miocevich, CEO

Healthier Motion


Krik is great to work with. They understand the affiliate marketing world really well, he's very transparent and, most importantly, they drove a lot of customers at a reasonable CAC. Highly recommend.

Scott Levine, CEO

Scott's Protein Balls


CAP lowered our CPA's by 50% in less time than they originally pitched us. They under-promised, and over-delivered across the board, which is something you just don't see from an agency these days.

Russell Saks, CEO

Campus Protein


No Retainers. Just Results.

As brand owners, we like to consider ourselves the most brand friendly agency out there.  With that in mind, you only pay if there is a sale. No retainers, no locked-in periods, no gimmicks. It's that simple.  


Drawing from our experience in successfully launching and growing multiple businesses, our team understands what it takes to achieve your sales goals

Unlike most affiliate agencies that merely discuss boosting sales, our team at CPG Affiliate Partners has a proven track record of launching and scaling multiple 7-figure brands. With a data-driven approach and creative solutions, we are equipped to uncover untapped potential and deliver tangible results to increase your sales.

Personalized Affiliate Campaigns
Fast Support

We Work with a Diverse Set of Partners - Vetted, Trusted, and Seamless

Recruiting the best publisher traffic from these verified sources

Blogs & Articles
Direct SMS
Games & Apps
Mom Shopping

We pride ourselves on combining experience, dedication, and market relationships to deliver results for our clients

Our Team

Krik is a two time entrepreneur in the CPG industry having built multiple 7 figure brands. Over an extensive career, Krik has built up a wide network of affiliate partners and become an expert in this marketing channel specifically catering to the CPG industry.

Our History

Our team has over 10 years of experience in the affiliate marketing space and can recruit publisher traffic from various sources.

Our Experience

CPG Affiliate Partners is an agency for brand owners, built by brand owners.  We have owned, operated, and exited numerous CPG companies over the years


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Case Studies

See our success stories

Hear From Those We've Helped

Case Study #1: Detergent Brand

A natural laundry detergent brand that came to CAP near the time they launched and asked us to help grow their online sales and subscriptions.  They had some experience in digital marketing in more traditional outlets including Facebook and Google, but the CAC figures were so high they realized they needed to make a pivot.

The first month they launched with us we drove ~250 subscriptions, a figure they were not ready for.  They ran out of inventory and had to put the program on pause until the 3rd month where things really picked up!  We created and placed ads on numerous mom shopping blogs and websites with incredible results.

In a period of 6 months, we've driven over 5,000 subscriptions for this client brand! Today we are their #1 traffic partner and sales driver, and we are proud to say they are profitable due to our efforts.  

Check out the impact we made in just 6 months:

Case Study #2:  Nootropic Brand

A large nootropic brand that was built to enhance and boost cognition, energy, and stress maintenance came to us with lofty goals and we rose to the challenge.  They were already running ads on several DTC channels, but had never successfully been able to break into the affiliate channel.  With their high quality ads, they created in-house, we started placing their ads on Twitch streamers feeds for gamers attention.  

Within less than 6 months we had driven over 1000 subscriptions for the brand and over 75,000 clicks!  These clicks proved incredibly valuable for this brand because they don't pay for clicks or impressions, and even if they didn't convert with us, they were able to retarget them on other channels supercharging their sales!

Check out the impact we made in just 6 months:

Case Study #3:  Energy Drink Brand

This energy drink and functional beverage company came to us post raising a financing round with the goal of running as much trial with intent as possible.  This is a good case study in working with a brand that we knew we could be successful with, but in the fist months weren't due to offer structure.

The first month we launched we realized although we drove over 100 sales, the offer wasn't as attractive as it needed to be and the CPA needed to really scale was too high.  The next two months we began tinkering with different offers and by the fourth month we hit gold!

Within less than 6 months we've driven 25,000 clicks and over 1000 orders for this brand driving a huge successful trial for this brand that is also making a major push into retail.  We focused our efforts on healthier living channels and place their ads on fitness and health websites and apps with incredible results.

Check out the impact we made in just 6 months:


You don't pay unless we sell

No Retainers. Just Results.

CPG Pricing Structure

100% CPA-based, meaning you only pay on sales

Here's what's included in our 1-2 week system setup:

Create and test tracking links for each offer

There should be some details here to make every thing feel consistent.

Direct negotiation with our affiliate partners

We manage a marketing budget of +$500k/monthly, enabling us the ability to leverage this buying power to negotiate reduced CPA's on behalf of all our clients.

Fraud prevention tools setup

We are experts in preventing fraud from sneaking through including postback controls, IP scoring, and throttling traffic

Live dashboard that connects to your Shopify (can also do other CRM's)

We directly connect to your Shopify store and orders on our live dashboard are matched 1:1 with your Shopify making us a transparent and accountable solution.

Onboard initial affiliate partners

This is where we'll take the offers and start connecting with our diverse publisher network, pairing your brand with your target demographic consumer

Accurately predict the number of sales you will receive

Say we agree to a $50 CPA, then on a $2,000 budget you know you'll get 40 sales

Day to day agreements, NO LOCKED IN PERIODS

We just ask a 5 day grace period to remove your ads, but otherwise there are no locked in periods at all!


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